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Billing Policy

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Billy Policy
Billing Policy

Desert Veterinary Clinic

Desert Veterinary Clinic receives no support from charitable organizations or government agencies. It is important that we receive prompt payment of services so that we can continue to provide the highest standard of care that our patients deserve. Thus, the following is our financial policy: 

  1. All elective services must be paid at the time of service. These services include but are not limited to wellness visits, dental procedures, general surgeries, annual tests, etc.
  2. Acceptable means of payment include: Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Care Credit.
  3. All surgeries and/or hospitalizations require a 50% deposit of the high end of the estimate provided. This deposit must be paid at the time the patient is admitted and before any treatment or procedure is initiated.
  4. In the event of a life threatening situation, first aid will be initiated immediately to minimize pain or save a patient's life.
  5. If the client is unable to pay and wishes a payment plan, they may apply for Care Credit Care Credit is our primary form of a payment plan. If the client is declined for Care Credit then the supervising Veterinarian, the Billings and Collections Manager, or the Office Manager must be consulted before services can be rendered.
  6. Interest of 2.0% per month (24%) per year may be charged on all accounts not paid within 30 (thirty) days. A minimum monthly billing fee of $7.50 may be charged each month, regardless of amount owed.
  7. NO ADDITIONAL SERVICES may be charged to any accounts with outstanding balances. Instead, all fees for additional services or products MUST be paid at the time of service.
  8. Personal checks accepted as payment for services must be imprinted with the clients name, current address and phone number. Any check returned to us by our bank will be subject to a $25.00 returned check fee. This charge will be billed to the client's account, regardless of who wrote the check. We reserve the right to withhold any future services to the client and will no longer accept personal checks as payment.
  9. Any delinquent accounts (beyond 45 days) deemed uncollectible may be sent to a collection agency or attorney for recovery of the balance owed, plus reasonable collection and/or court costs, attorney's fees, interest, and/or billing fees.
  10. Desert Veterinary Clinic reserves the right to charge a missed appointment charge of a minimum $25.00. This charge is to be applied to any account where the client did not keep their appointment' or where sufficient notice was not given before the client called to cancel the appointment.
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