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Learn Practical Tips to Keep Your Pup Safe on Walks

Make March 30 the day you and your furry companion explore together; just remember to be mindful of potential risks that can ruin a perfect outing. As you stroll through the park with your pet on Take a Walk in the Park Day, keep an eye out for these hazardous scenarios.

#1: Other dogs

It is imperative to be aware of other dogs when out on walks with your pet, as a single reactive dog can easily cause an altercation. Even if the friendly pup that bounds up towards yours means no harm, it may still evoke fear in your furry friend and trigger negative behavior. Monitor their body language closely so you are able to detect any signs of anxiety or aggression from afar. To avoid potential confrontations among various packs of animals, try avoiding parks during peak hours for peace of mind!

#2: Traffic

When taking a stroll to your local park, remain vigilant of any oncoming traffic, whether it be automobiles, cyclists, or pedestrians. To avoid potential hazards and accidents, make sure your pet remains close to you at all times. A pet on an unlocked retractable leash may scurry into the street with its sights set on a squirrel; this could potentially lead to them clotheslining bicyclists or wrapping themselves around passersby in addition to risks posed by the leash snapping due to tension from lunging forward.

#3: Parasites

To ensure your pet stays healthy and safe, guard them against internal and external parasites that are especially prevalent in park settings. Give preventatives year-round to keep these pesky bugs away, and always check carefully from nose to tail when you get home to make sure no unwanted visitors have hitched a ride on your furry friend.

#4: Wildlife

As your canine companion explores the park, they may stumble upon wildlife dwellings. Although most creatures will flee when a human and their pet come close, some animals could become hostile to safeguard their young ones or resources from strangers. Moreover, wild animals worldwide are carriers of diseases and parasites that can be hazardous for both people and pets; hence why it’s best left untouched by us.

For pet owners who like to explore the outdoors, it’s essential to safeguard your furry friend from infectious illnesses and parasites with regular preventive treatments. Get in touch now to schedule a wellness visit for your beloved pet today!

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